Who's Coming


First Name Last Name Job Title Center
Sabine Abella Director of Operations & Training Miami, FL
Michael Alkire VP of Finance Austin, TX
Khawlah Assad Alqaddomi Vice President of Training Saudi Arabia
Alexis Amburgey Manager, Career Developer Compliance Denver, CO
Mike Anderson Senior Account Executive Des Moines, IA
Marsha Armstrong Manager of Student Affairs Austin, TX
Don Arnett VP of Training and Operations Austin, TX
Romy Aued Owner Panama City, Panama
Gary Balentine Account Executive Corporate
Sarah Barnes Career Consultant San Antonio, TX
Jessica Bell Career Consultant Killeen, TX
Steve Betzold Sr. Director, North America Franchise Operations Corporate
Gil Bonwitt Owner Miami, FL
Jennifer Bradley Administrative Assistant Corporate
Nicole Branning Manager of Admissions Memphis, TN
Stephanie Brannon Director of Business Development Baltimore, MD
Karianne Brooks Applications Instructor San Antonio, TX
Aaron Brown Senior Account Manager Los Angeles, CA
David Burt CDP Training Manager Dallas, TX
Frank Buttaro Sales Director Philadelphia, PA
Bredna Carnes Regional Sales Manager Austin, TX
Andrea Carroll Account Executive Twin Cities, MN
Allison Cartwright Senior Account Executive Atlanta, GA
Bobbie Ceklic General Manager Tampa, FL
Gabe Chapa Applications & Technical Instructor Anaheim, CA
Layton Clark Education Consultant Richmond, VA
Jamie Cooper Campus Director Miami, FL
Brian Corrigan Sales Manager Burbank, CA
James Cox VP of Sales San Antonio, TX
Ken Crawshaw Technical Instructor Indianapolis, IN
Barry Crum Cohort Technical Instructor Kileen, TX
Mickey Curry Applications Training Manager Kansas City, KS
Pablo da Silva CIO Anaheim, CA
Nora Daniels Technical Instructor Austin, TX
Alan Deery CEO Dublin, Ireland
Kendra Dehm Director of Communications Austin, TX
Larson DeLoach Operations Manager Jacksonville, FL
Shelia Dial General Manager Orlando, FL
Alycia Donald Operations Manager Corporate
Vic Emurian COO Gardena, CA
Sarah Englyng Director, Product Operations Corporate
Trey Ernst General Manager Atlanta, GA
Dona Fanara Sales Director Iselin, NJ
Deborah Farver-Plumb Owner & General Manager Des Moines, IA
Lila Fernandez Sales Manager Lima, Peru
Jamie Fiely President San Antonio, TX
Tynan Fischer COO Hartford, CT
Kara Flanagan Product Manager Corporate
Michael Fournier Strategic Account Executive Columbus, OH
Bryan Foxx IT Business Development Manager Orlando, FL
Rodney Francis Director of Operations - COL Corporate
Glenn Frazier Owner Knoxville, TN
Kevin French VP of Technology Corporate
Jodi Fuller Director of Operations Indianapolis, IN
Chris Gajdzil CFO Anaheim, CA
Brian Gamble Cohort Technical Instructor Killeen, TX
Ed Gans Senior Account Manager Sacramento, CA
Ed Gardiner Director, Program Operations Corporate
Dan Geers Seniorl Instructor Des Moines, IA
Annemarie Gilbert Account Executive Buffalo, NY
Sean Gilbride General Manager Nashville, TN
Anthony Gilliam General Manager Washington, DC
Paul Giordano President Washington, DC
Arnie Girnun President Fort Lauderdale, FL
Keith Glass Director of Training Austin, TX
Viola Gonzalez Training Manager Washington, DC
Michael Goodman Senior Applications Instructor Jacksonville, FL
John Graves Chief Financial Officer Corporate
Todd Graves Education Consultant Richmond, VA
Adam Griffith Technical Instructor Columbus, OH
Jenny Griffith Cohort Instructor Austin, TX
Craig Grizzard General Manager Richmond, VA
Mykel Gurule Applications Instructor Denver, CO
Brian Gutruter Regional Sales Manager Indianapolis, IN
William Guzman Instructor Fort Lauderdale, FL
Mia Gwyn Applications & Technical Instructor Las Vegas, NV
Randel Hall Technical Instructor Dayton, OH
Jeff Ham Sales Director Grand Rapids, MI
Scott Hardin VP of Sales San Antonio, TX
Monte Hartranft General Manager Columbus, OH
Basel Hassouneh Director of Engineering Corporate
Jeff Hinke Director of Sales Twin Cities, MN
Zack Hiscock President Phoenix, AZ
Kim Hurley Associate Product Manager Corporate
Robert Hussey Owner Omaha, NE
Kevin Hutchinson VP of Sales Phoenix, AZ
Kenny Iconos Director of Network Services Austin, TX
Andrea Imler Cohort Instructor El Paso, TX
Ivan Jackson Director of Sales Austin, TX
Laura Janik Product Manager Corporate
Deb Jenkins Applications Training Manager Omaha, NE
Sheila Jilot General Manager Milwaukee, WI
Bill Jones Sales Director Detroit, MI
Jamie Jones Operations Manager Corporate
Rob Jones Sr. Director, Corporate Services Corporate
Mike Kilgore Director, Products & Programs Corporate
Bryan Kimmet Technical Training Manager Dayton, OH
Tim Kleczka VP, International Operations Corporate
Sonya Komar Senior Account Executive Nashville, TN
Tiffani Koppenol Director of Site Management New Orleans, LA
Miroslav Kucka Owner Prague, Czech Republic
Justin Lancaster Education Consultant Jacksonville, FL
Kevin Landry Owner Anaheim, CA
Morgan Landry Director of Marketing Anaheim, CA
Ashley Lane Account Executive Corporate
Nick Lane Technical Instructor Las Vegas, NV
Sue Ann Law Regional Director of Consumer Education NH Central
Linda Lawrence Strategic Account Manager San Antonio, TX
Jodie Lee Inside Sales Manager San Antonio, TX
Sam Lee Training Manager Jacksonville, FL
Delsy Leon Palacios Operations Manager Lima, Peru
Doug Lewis Sales Manager Jacksonville, FL
Robert Lewis Sr. Director, North American Franchise Operations Corporate
Jim Lifter Applications & Business Skills Instructor Columbus, OH
Wendi Livingston Sr. Director, Corporate Services Corporate
Lisa Loken Owner Twin Cities, MN
Gary Lopez Project Manager Corporate
Cesar Martinez Site Manager San Antonio, TX
John Matczynski Jr Career Consultant Fort Worth, TX
Janelle Matous Manager of Admissions San Antonio, TX
Charlene McEniry International Operations Manager Corporate
Dewey McGuirk Senior Account Executive Tampa Bay, FL
Will McKnight Sr. Director, Security & Client Services Corporate
Mark McManus Chief Executive Officer Detroit, MI
Shawn Mera Owner Wiles-Barre/Scranton, PA
Allen Middleton VP of Sales, Enterprise Learning Solutions Corporate
Joe Mignano General Manager Rochester, NY
Kelley Monasterio Sales Director Cleveland, OH
Shelley Morris EVP and Chief Operating Officer Corporate
Mary Kay Muir HCIM Instructor Austin, TX
Renee Musser Cohort Applications Instructor Cincinnati, OH
Chip Nelson VP, North American Franchise Operations Corporate
Ryan Nelson Senior Account Executive Columbus, OH
Lisa Newcomb Education Consultant Anaheim, CA
Laura Noid VP of Human Resources Anaheim, CA
Bryan Ochs Group Vice President, Corporate Services Corporate
Candice O'Connor Senior Account Executive Pittsburgh, PA
Kennon Olison Cohort Instructor Dallas, TX
Karen O'Neal Director of Career Services Austin, TX
Harold Orrego Sales Manager Corporate
Bob Outlaw Director, Virtual Delivery Program Corporate
Joe Overkamp Senior Account Manager Hartford, CT
Zuber Palawkar General Manager - Vendor Relations NH Saudi Arabia
Mikell Parsch President and Chief Executive Officer Corporate
Bob Paxton Director of Business Development San Antonio, TX
Joe Sue Pazda Sr Director of Career Development Operations Houston, TX
Nikolay Penev Owner Sofia, Bulgaria
Jarrod Peters General Manager Omaha, NE
Sammy Peterson Director of Operations Twin Cities, MN
Scott Pettit Senior Director of Strategic Alliances Corporate
Chris Powers Senior Account Executive Rochester, NY
Zselko Puder Owner Berlin, Germany
Joanne Quarterman Regional Director, International Operations Corporate
Scott Rake Technical Instructor New York, NY
Damian Randisi Director of Learning and Development Austin, TX
Glenn Reid Owner Kingston, Ontario
Robert Remington President & CEO Orlando, FL
George Rich Board Member Corporate
Scott Riggs Senior VP of IT Kansas City, KS
Patrick Riley President & CEO Madison, WI
Tony Rinaldi VP of Sales Fort Lauderdale, FL
Carrie Rios Career Consultanr El Paso, TX
Kevin Rock Sr. Director, Products & Marketing Corporate
Daniel Rodriguez Marketing Manager Corporate
Sharon Rozak Sales Director Chicago, IL
Raymond Rubash Technical Training Manager Denver, CO
Denis Rudd II General Manager Pittsburgh, PA
Scott Ryan Technical Instructor Washington, DC
Dr. Stephan Scholtissek Master Franchisee Germany, Austria, Switzerland
Amy Schott HR Generalist Austin, TX
Jan Scott Sr. Director, Learning Management Systems Corporate
Jim Searles Applications Instructor Columbus, OH
Jacob Seitz Senior Account Manager Detroit, MI
Romeo Semaan VP of Sales Corporate
Jay Shin VP, IT Operations Corporate
Ely Sigler Senior Account Executive Atlanta, GA
Timothy Slater Owner St. Louis, MO
Mike Smith Group Vice President, International Operations Corporate
Leslie Snyder Applications Instructor Indianapolis, IN
Jessica Sorrells Account Executive Rochester, NY
Jennifer Sorvold Account Executive Columbus, OH
Dwayne Sparks Business Development Manager Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tiffany Starnes Marketing Manager San Antonio, TX
Michael Steed VP, North American Franchise Development Corporate
Roger Stone VP, Application Development Corporate
Cindy Sutderland VP of Career Development Anaheim, CA
Liliana Tabini RS Owner Lima, Peru
Kayan Tarapore Program Manager Corporate
Jeff Tatusko Application & Technical Trainer Pittsburgh, PA
Brandy Taylor Manager of Admissions Cincinnati, OH
Marcus Taylor Education Consultant Washington, DC
Josh Teixidor Director of Sales San Antonio, TX
Diane Tuluceanu Product Marketing Manager Washington, DC
Kent Tuominen Technical Instructor Anaheim, CA
Mike Verrill OLL Technical Support Manager San Antonio, TX
Kelly Vince Cohort Technical Instructor New Orleans, LA
David Visser Regional Sales Manager Dallas, TX
Dan Vohs Owner Jacksonville, FL
Krista Wade General Manager Fort Lauderdale, FL
Grady Waldron Director of Sales Cedar Rapids, IA
Tiffany Wallace VP of Business Development New Orleans, LA
David Warnock Board Member Corporate
Andy Watren Director of Systems Development Austin, TX
Kelly Watters Marketing Events Manager Corporate
David Weinstein President Nashville, TN
Ben Wendt Senior Account Manager Detroit, MI
Gary Whelan Account Executive Dublin, Ireland
Sam William Account Executive Syracuse, NY
Jeffrey Williams Career Services Manager Washington, DC
Nicole Winn Marketing Director NH Central
Chet Wisniewski COO Orlando, FL
Dana Wresch Web Marketing Manager Corporate
Derek Wright Owner/CEO Austin, TX
Amber Zerger Director of Business Efficiences Austin, TX